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(man) go to bed. the driver of this car is fighting for his life tonight after someone got out of another car and shot him. the big question for police is why. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. deputies are trying to unravel the reason why a paramedic was shot in his car. the gunman got out of another car before he opened fire. we get new details now about the victim from ktvu's amber lee.
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she's live at highland hospital with what she's learned, amber. >> reporter: family members are leer at highland hospital by the bedside of the critically injured paramedic they tell me they fear he won't survive. family members tell us they are shaken and trying to make sense of what happened. relatives have confirmed the shooting victim found inside the honda civic is 34-year-old quinn boyer an off duty paramedic. a witness told police a man got out of a brown car at a stop sign and opened fire on boy er shortly before noon. the whole neighborhood is shaken. >> i can say the neighborhood is scared. we're shaken. this is very unusual. >> reporter: as crews pulled the honda out the passenger side window appeared too much been shot out. police found boyer's paramedic
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gear inside the car and there's no clue why. >> people want answers. people want to know what happened and why it happened and what's going to be done about it. >> reporter: police say they are not certain if the gunman was alone in the get away car and that they only have a description of a gray car. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. we have new video from concord tonight where the body of a missing man has been found in the parking lot of the church of the nazarene. police say they received a call of the body. it was a 33-year-old man who
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had been reported missing by his family. there are no reported signs of foul play. the cause of death will be determined by autopsy. at this point the man's name has not been released. a palo alto man was killed by a drunk driver. the accident happened about 5:30 this afternoon on boise avenue near channeling. 72-year-old john monehan was behind the wheel of the suv. his vehicle struck a man in his 30s out of his house ahead of a scheduled demolition. the homeowners seemed to take the incident in stride. >> i just saw the car coming toward my house. >> reporter: what did you think. a bitter labor dispute
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involving workers of the hyatt spilled on to the streets. union members have been working without a contract for more than three years and say it's time for the stalemate to end. >> reporter: the contract expired in 2009. and local two union leaders have been locked in a dispute with the high in chain. >> it's the same thing. >> reporter: the union has signed contracts with other hotel chains in the city including the hilton which agreed to a 4% increase. hyatt employees say they want to sign the same deal. >> we offered the same wage increases that the hilton now has a signed contract that starwood has a signed contract
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and all the other hotels here in san francisco have signed contracts. >> reporter: but the sticking point is a clause that would allow union members to strike in solidarity with nonunion members. it's a stalemate that has some calling for the picketing to change. >> get back on the table. let's talk. this isn't helping anything. >> reporter: there are no negotiations scheduled. what is scheduled is another picket line at the fisherman's wharf tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. reporting in san francisco, jana katsuyama. ktvu channel 2 news. six people were arrested today as chp officers used bean bag projectiles torouse a group of tree sitters in mendecino.
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those tree sitters had been ruing in the trees since late january. they were arrested along with three other demonstrators. the chp said one tree sitter actually dumped feces on to a chp officer during the eviction. caltrans cut down a couple of the trees in order to discourage further protests. zaid was there to face charges. this thursday he will be arraigned in court for the incident on monday at the wal- mart store. for that he's facing a long list of charges. an unusual political race is taking shape in the south
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bay where a former member of the obama administration announced today he is challenging mike honda. honda represents the 17th congressional district along the southeast edge of the state including parts of fremont, san jose, and cuper to the best -- cupertino. >> reporter: the challenger is a man by the name of roe cana. he's hoping to bring fresh perspective to washington. >> hi, like so many californians i'm the son of immigrants. >> reporter: the announcement was delivered online, democrat roe cana plans to run against honda. cana served for the obama administration.
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he now teaches in stanford. >> i understand the skill set that is competitive for young people. whether it's robotics, whether it's having the right type of technology skills. >> reporter: even with $1 million in his war chest and a team that includes staffers from the obama campaign going up against handa will not be easy. honda won his first school election about the time that cana was in kindergarten. >> i have a will the of respect for cana's service. but this is not about him it's about my view for the future. i bring a different perspective on issues of silican valley. i have different ideas on how to attract businesses. and to be competitive in a global committee. >> reporter: and we reached out to honda's camp late in the day
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for comment but so far have not heard back. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. we did catch up with congressman mike honda earlier today on another issue. we asked him about an nra proposal to arm staff in every school nationwide. his reaction in a few minutes. president obama arrived in california to campaign for democratic fundraisers. that gathering will be held at the home of anne and gordon getty. after that the president will head to apperton. the president finishes his california visit to the home of
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john and tasha gordon. today musk announced an innovative new leasing option for tesla's electric cars. the company is working with wells fargo to work on down payment for the model s. musk said he would personally guaranty cars with his own money even though tesla went out of business. general motors was up 6% in march, ford reported the same increase. analysts say the jump in seams could he's to increased production and new jobs. on wall street, the dow gained 89 points today to reach another record high. nasdaq gained 16. increased auto sales and new factory orders helped fuel the orders. federal officials are warning voters to give gray whales a wide berth following a
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number of sightings. in the past few days, whales have been spotted inside the bay and off ocean beach in san francisco. federal marine authorities say boaters should take great care to stay 300 yards from those whales and not to cross in front of them or make sudden moves and officials say never get between a mother and her calf. a frightening police chase. what the suspects did to escape that had officers scrambling to prevent even bigger problems. >> the car came just flying down the hill with no one in it. plus we'll show you when a new storm will roll in and bring some rain to the bay area. and in 90 seconds. the bay area is getting behind uc berkeley's women's basketball team. we'll tell you why some of its biggest fans are pint sized. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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okay so if you haven't followed the cal women's basketball team now is the time to start. for the first time ever they are in the final four. and patti lee is here to tell us that people are starting to take notice. >> reporter: you don't have to be a cal fan or even like basketball to follow a team that's now inspiring a new generation of athletes. at carmont middle school, the dreams are more than the exception. >> go to the wmba. >> make it out of oakland.
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>> reporter: now the cal women's basketball team is inspiring the women on this court to shoot for college scholarships. >> i'm so glad because they are right here for my girls to see. >> reporter: this is the first time she's seen kids pay such close attention to a woman's college basketball team. jones explains why she's become such a big fan. >> when you think of basketball you think of men nobody talks about the wmba. everybody talks about the nba. so for the girls to make it is big. >> reporter: she's calling the cal team role models. >> to know that our woman's basketball team has gone so far i think is tremendous. >> reporter: tahara a cal berkeley senior says the excitement on campus is building ahead of the team's first stretch to the championship game. >> a lot of people came in today and asked for the shirts but we had to turn them down because we don't have them
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right now. >> reporter: the shirts are expected to be back on friday. in time for people to stock up ahead of the tournament games that start on sunday. the bears will play either tennessee or louisville. they are the first west coast team outside of stanford to reach the final four in 25 years. reporting live in berkeley, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and later tonight the giants, a's and a couple of big trades for by area teams. we're going to see mark ibanez in sports. that chase ended shortly after 4:00 this afternoon. police say the driver and his passenger abandoned the stolen car and took off running while that car was still moving. witnesses who didn't want to be identified described the chaotic scene. >> the car came flying with no
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one in it and the officer was grabbing the drive's door. going back downhill with the car so it didn't hit anything. >> officers arrested one man but again are still looking for that second suspect tonight. an el cerrito man wanted for $1 million gold heist has turned himself in. david johnson surrendered yesterday. officials say his accomplice, scott bailey is still on the run. $1.25million in gold nuggets and coins were taken. on saturday, kauffman county district attorney mike mcclellan and his wife cynthia were found shot inside their
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home. two months ago a deputy district attorney was also found dead. one is said to be a county official who had made a number of threats. a national rifle association task force is offering itself own recommendation to protect young children. one includes training and arming at least one school staff member in every school. >> i hope this doesn't you know lead to name calling, but rather this is recommendations for solutions. >> reporter: the nra sponsored report also calls for background checks for school employees who would carry weapons. but the group opposes background checks for the buying public. the aclu has proponents and
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opponents here in the bay area. >> you will come out, you rock it. push it straight out. rock your head and bang. >> reporter: coleman a former police officer and sheriff deputy runs cert. a san jose center to train people to move into security jobs. coleman has been preparing for the school shield's program prepared today which includes arming teachers and he plans to make presentations to local school teachers. >> we started making programs and ideas of school situations. and scenarios where we can put the teachers in these situations and see how they respond. how they react.
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>> reporter: south bay congressman honda says he does not expect the bill to go too far. >> the goal is to reduce guns in the schools and community so that's just counter productive. >> the legal ramifications. >> reporter: sert has no said timetable to make its recommendations to school districts. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. california lawmakers today moved toward tightening laws on firearms. nancy skinner's ammunition control measure passed on a 5-2 vote. the buyers information would then be compared to a state data base of people prohibited
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from owning guns. it's a partly cloudy cool evening out there. as we get into tomorrow i think we're going do see a near repeat of today. partly cloudy skies, fog as we start the morning. temperatures in the 40s. dry and mild by the afternoon. that ahead of a system that is going to bring us wet weather in time for your thursday. so as we start out tomorrow morning, 43 in santa rosa, 44 for napa. 47 oakland, 46 san francisco, mid-40s redwood city. mid-40s for morgan hill as well. for the afternoon temperatures will be slightly warmer for our inland communities. 74 expected in fairfield, 64 napa. widespread 50s around the bay. as we get into the late afternoon and early evening those clouds are going to begin to increase. i have the time line of that thursday range and your sunday forecast coming up. we are following developing news coming up after the break. what we know about a nummi accident that has sent several people to the hospital tonight.
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plus-- >> looks like the wounds opened up again. >> a deadly rampage at a small oakland university. one man's wish one year later.
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we have some developing news in san francisco tonight where a pickup truck rear ended a nummi bus. it happened on lisbond street. three people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the front end of the pickup truck was smashed in. damage to the bus did not appear to be extensive. today marks one year since seven people were gunned down in a mass killing at an obscure nursing school in oakland called oikos university. today rob roth spoke to family members who say time has not
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dulled the pain of their loss. >> reporter: the loved ones doris chabuco left behind gathered quietly at her grave. among them her three young daughters ages 4, 6 and 9. her mother and husband. portrait of a heartbroken family marking a horrific anniversary. >> it's like the wounds opened up again. >> reporter: doris chabuco had been an attorney in her native nigeria. she was taking nursing classes where five students and an employee were shot to death authorities say by former student goh. her children ask her father questions. >> my youngest one sometimes will ask me, why did the guy kill mommy. you know, i don't think i have an answer for that. >> reporter: chabuco is a technician with at&t who moved his family out of san leandro he says to escape the violence in the east bay. doris' mother says this is a difficult day. >> i'm still mourning for my
10:25 pm
child who died unexpectedly. i am very, very much unhappy. >> reporter: the chabuco's say they will try their best to come out of this ordeal but one year has not been enough to heal the wounds. doris' husband shared with us his one wish. >> if i could see her ghost that would make my day. i wish i could have one last shot of looking at her. >> reporter: rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a new pilot program launched in san francisco is aiming to keep people safe from accidental pricks by discarded needles. the department of public health has placed a bright red disposal box near city hall and a similar one at glad memorial church. dirty syringes can be dropped there to make sure they are
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disposed of safely. >> injection drug users, people who use needles they want to have a place where they can savely dispose their needles, they've told us that. >> reporter: the department of public health says they've seen few cases of people sticking themselves with those needles since the boxs have been put in. the city is looking at a possible expansion of the prom. a social media company called time line's inc can sue facebook over the word time line. time line' launched with a feature allowing online users to track historical events and their personal liv lives. two years later the company filed suit. the trial is expected to start later this month. apple is preparing for the release of the new iphone.
10:27 pm
apple has declined to comment on the production of either model. the u.s. is calling it a provocative act. the news of the world, north korea's announcement that it will expand its nuclear arsenal. >> why sherman piano company is going out of business.
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two lafayette police officers are on paid administrative leave after shooting a man this morning who was allegedly holding a knife. a series of 911 calls and hang ups from this home on wood view drive brought officers to the home at 7:30 this morning. lafayette's chief of police said when the two officers approached a man came outside with a knife. he refused to drop it and that's when they fired hitting the 28-year-old.
10:30 pm
some neighbors say they are surprised by this morning's shooting others are less sure about the family living in the home. >> i loved their kids. so they were -- as far as i know great kids. >> first to have the guy speeding through here and i guess there was a big party at that house. i really don't know any more than other than my grandson and i are staying inside today. the man shot by police is expected to survive. tonight two teenagers stand accused of murder in connection with the shooting deaths of a couple from san pablo. the two were killed while their young daughter was sleeping near by. police say 18-year-old pedro garcia of oakland has confessed to shooting the couple. kevin benavides is charged as an accessory. police say garcia shot 30-year- old edgar carpano and his wife argueta after carpano asked garcia and his friends to quiet down outside the couples apartment last december. police later found the couples
10:31 pm
4-year-old daughter inside the apartment unharmed she is currently living with relatives. new at 10:00, san francisco's entertainment commission voted to approve the america's cup live nation concert permit. this came after conditions brought forth by concerned neighbors. the changes agreed upon tonight include increased enforcement of noise violations and earlier end times for concerts held during the week. a san francisco company that has operated in the city for 143 years is about to shut its doors. ktvu's ken wayne is live now in front of sherman clay piano company to find out why it's saying farewell. >> reporter: sherman clay has survived two earthquakes and many years of economic ups and downs and now that long ride is
10:32 pm
coming to an end. 8-year-old duncan sims is trying out his first piano. thanks to his mother, he is getting the last piano. >> i am excited about having a piano because i've never heard a piano. >> reporter: it's founder leander sherman is credited for bringing the piano business to the area. his piano business will live on but it won't be under the name sherman clay. >> it's transitioning. i think i couldn't think of anyone better to pass the baton on than steinway. the steinway company will take over the san francisco.
10:33 pm
the san bruno based company is also heavily involved in everything from paper recycling to real estate and even hearing aids. so after five generations under two bay area families, sherman clay pianos will be no more. >> it's hard to give it up. it's hard to be the last one. >> reporter: sherman clay stores in santa clara and roseville will also close. the company is liquidating $3 million worth of pianos leaving piano fans with one last chance to get a good deal. kevin wayne, ktvu news. san francisco city officials say mandatory retrofits are in order for some 2,800 buildings scattered throughout the city. an ordnance to retrofit soft story buildings were given approval by the city's board of supervisors. the ordnance would require retrofits to buildings that are seismically unstable, have garages or large openings on the first floor. were built before 1978 or are
10:34 pm
at least three stories or more the ordnance will be up for final approval next week. people visiting the marin head lands are likely to see the impact of budget cuts. the marin headlands visitor center will be closed. around $1.4 million is being cut be the golden gaterecreational budget because of sequestration. those state and federal dollars will likely go to the private consulting firms. the rail authority ceo tells the mercury news spending a little more money up front can have a huge benefit. opponents fear the project's increasing budget will be spent everyone before the rail is built. in north korea, the government said it will restart
10:35 pm
shuttered nuclear facilities. they include a plutonium reactor. the plutonium reactor had been shut down several years ago. cheers broke out when a final vote was announced. the goal is to keep weapons from falling into the hands of terrorists, organized crime figures and war lords. three nations voted against the treaty. iran, north korea and syria. in the south american version of uruguay, the senate voted to legalize same-sex marriage by just a single vote. the president says he plans to saoeup -- to sign the bill into law. uruguay is the second country
10:36 pm
to legalize same-sex marijuana. argentina did a year ago. katherine jackson says the company was negligent when it hired dr. conrad murray to look after her son's health. she's seeking 40e billion dollars in damages. up to 70 potential jurors are being screened for the trial. dozens of new jobs as a grocery store chain reaches the bay area. rosemary orozco is updating her forecast. a memorial service for a man in napa who is being credited for this. one of the first wines bottles of california. his impact on the industry. [ birds chirping ]
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a search for two missing hikers lost in the santa ana mountains is now in its third night. helicopters and blood hounds were brought in today to search for 19-year-old nicholas sendila and kendel jack. on saturday jack called from her cell phone saying they had lost their way. there are growing concerns that the young hikers may have been hurt and are now hunkered down in rough terrain. hundreds gathered in napa town to remember an iconic figure in the world of wine making. jim barrett helped raise the profile of california wines around the world. as ktvu's john sasaki reports he's also being remembered for how he made the wine making business about the people. he created an organization with soul and with heart. >> reporter: 500 people came together at napa's heritage resort to say goodbye to a
10:40 pm
pioneer. >> jim's life tells a story. let's hope that our life does as well. >> reporter: his son died but not. >> the paris tasting was quite powerful. >> reporter: barrett served in the navy, had a successful law career and finally the winery. >> why we like the wine business and he thought us. wine is all about people. the field hands to the customers drinking the bottle of line. the whole kwrob isabout people. it's about humanity. >> barrett's young mourners were able to leave an impact.
10:41 pm
some people dressed in tennis clothes because they most often met barrett on the court. >> this man had a sparkle in his eye. a specialty grocery store chain called the fresh market is looking to hire close to 100 people for its new store in palo alto. that new store is located in the edge wood shopping plaza which is just high. the company is taking applications for bakers, clerks. a lake tahoe get away owned by oracle ceo and billionaire is on the market but as you might imagine it doesn't come
10:42 pm
cheap. the 2.6-acre home is on the main ta toe six weeks. in additional there are two smaller guest hos uses. special circumstances include a sauna, afternoon and view. the price is $28.5 million. today is awe happenty awetism day. yoko ono flipped a switch that turned the lights on the -- blue. it's said to affect millions of the people worldwide. your money. in three minutes why the president wants to spend 100 million tax dollars to get into
10:43 pm
people's heads. >> i'm thrilled, i think this is a fabulous opportunity. >> how one airline plans to challenge you when rain is on the way.
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hundreds of school children enjoyed the sound of the san francisco symphony today likely unaware of the big battle that brewed before the concert. this was the first concert at davies symphony hall since musicians resolved their 2-1/2 week strike. musicians and symphony management reached a tentative deal over the weekend and now play all of the concerts scheduled for the remainder of the season. >> i think it was very important that we engage in very thoughtful discussions and negotiations in order to build this forward. >> reporter: the new 26 year
10:46 pm
contract still needs full ratification of the full orchestra. president obama unveiled a $100 million in initiative today. university officials were on hand in washington, d.c. as the president announced the so called braininitiative. in an effort to unlock the histories of the mind and host a myriad of diseases. >> think about what we can do once we crack this code. imagine if no family had to feel helping of watching a family member have to deal with brain nail. that's less than 1/2
10:47 pm
scientists use to study the sun. ktvu's rob roth reports now how the local researchers leading the way enthe projects they are working on today. >> nowhere are mysteries of the brain more compelling than among people here at the recreation and develop center. today she's meeting with a group recovering from brain injury. >> we want to understand what went wrong with us. and the only wayed to do it is through research. >> we came to another sex but a pus. our car. they had to damage a few things. >> the tension needs to be put on people brain injuries. we happen to have that. >> reporter: the new federal initiative kaould reveal how pwraeups work at the se sue lay
10:48 pm
level. giving doctors map to bring center. >> i need to know the exact location of a problem of an abnormality so i can do everything i can to remedy that at the same time not damaging nerve tissue. >> it's nice to do something about the uncharted part. to make maps its ár. >> reporter: it could take years but the pay off may be many many lives saved. this brain initiative could lead to a revolution in the diagnose ár diagnosis and treatment of some of richmond's most typical problemless. a small airline is selling ticks a whole new way. they're basing the flight on a passenger's weight not by feet. the prices will be about $1 per kilogram depending on the flight.
10:49 pm
samoan says passengers who need more room will be given an entire row to ensure they're comfort. fair weather will return to the bay area on wednesday but it's not going to last. i'll talk about that in a moment. let's take a look at what happened indoors. the on shore breeze helping out that moist air from the pacific to pull in and wrung us partly cloudy sky for tomorrow. 13miles per hour right now in oakland. 34 at sfo and a bright breeze in napa 7 miles per hour. let's take a look at that system that is going to bring us some rain. there it is there. 700miles still off the coastline. we do have a ridge of high pressure over the bay area so the center of this system is going to ride north of us. this is not going to slide right across the area like it did over the weekend and bring us unstable weather for saturday and sunday. it is going to bring us rain
10:50 pm
but i don't think we're going to see the weather as active as it was over the weekend. let me show you what happens here. we wake up tomorrow mortgage. we have the containers in. we have these clouds that will begin to fill in and i think by sunset you're going to notice up above that the clouds have thickened up a little bit and maybe lower. on the backside of me here comes the rain. it's going to begin to slide in and as we get ready to go thursday morning. the roads are slick. so be prepared or pull out the raincoat for the little one as they head off to school. still showers falling. i think we're going to break the race for steady showers hit or miss showers throughout the most of the day. i'm rolling the sun all the way on sunday so what's going on
10:51 pm
here. kind of of peppers with the pocket of a few showers. for tomorrow, we're dry, we're mild. high clouds by the afternoon the increasing clouds ahead of thursdays's storm and there it is moving in. heavier rain will drive during a morning ride. any where from 2-1/2. your afternoon highs for tomorrow a nice day. everyone reaching in the mid- 70s for some of the warmer communities. 75 expected in pleasanton. san francisco cab relate. in addition to the rain thursday it'll just be a cool day. low 60s in the forecast. as we get into the weekend just a slight chance friday, saturday and sunday and maybe a few sprinkles especially in the north bay. we'll be watching it. >> thanks, rosemary. >> you're welcome. madison baumgartner was right in the middle the áf and
10:52 pm
at the play. something the a's had never done before. well, well, well.
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growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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all is fair in love and war with the dodgers that is returning the favor from yesterday. it's the giants turn. shut the dodgers down in a. l. evening the series there's the clippers star chris paul assist from his son throwing out tonight's first pitch. the giants in the actual ball
10:55 pm
game had 10 hits all singles. this one right up the middle off the bat of joaquin arias who is playing first for brandon bell. plays buster 1-0 in the fourth. two on baumgartner to shore justice cellars to the case, bad throw and look at the pitcher does not bother to cover. andre torres scores. the story is that guy. madison baumgartner. and sergio comes out for his first save. the mariners kind of sprayed the dog all over the yard as the a's still looking for a great win.
10:56 pm
johaness, 1-0. let's talk about a little muscle. ends with two on michael moors just a rope to right. just muscles that thing out there. josh redding runs into the mall giving it the a for effort. he did two tonight did morish. and gone now as expected carson palmer who came to oakland at a high price but basically leaves for arizona in exchange for nothing. oakland could receive a can believe draft pick next year depending on how many play for the calals as he meet the media in ads aáz. tie up the hraog ends a little bit. >> i was presented with a contract and i was advised not to sign that contract with no securities and no guarantees. my agent told me that he would
10:57 pm
never have me sign that con track and that opportunity led me here to coach arians and i'm extremely excited ant thissal leapt. losing the guys who were one of the three cover lines. namdi osom wax, a is wring them down to san francisco. 31 # years old but a former cal and raider star thinks he has a little something left for the game. some passion that the the wants to go the extra way. ryan crow -- ryan chloe all for the rangers. that's the sporting life for a tuesday night. frank, julie. >> mark, thank you. thank you for trusting ktvu
10:58 pm
channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> right now we have a crew heading to napa for a report of an offer involved shooting. the ktvu morning news will be tracking the situation. and we're always here for you on ktvu and
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